5 minutes east of Everett Please, No Pets Allowed

Farm Market

Locally Grown, Farm Fresh Produce in Snohomish Valley


MARKET HOURS: Open Daily 10 AM – 7 PM (Open Holidays)

 We are a working farm with our very own Market. We focus on local cheeses, meats, dairy, etc. besides what we grow on the farm. Come on down for a fun farm shopping experience.

Our hens are all natural, no hormones, no antibiotics, no cages. Our lady hens roam the open field pecking at every tasty morsel. Their diet of worms, bugs, grasses and slugs is what makes our eggs rich and tasty! The eggs are very colorful with whites, browns and blues. Yes, these are their natural colors from our mixture of breeds (barred-rocks, rhode island reds and Ameraucana’s).

About our market

We grow crops right here on the farm. That means you get fresh, hand-picked produce that is harvested when it’s ready. Most of what we grow on the farm is sold in our Farm Market located on our farm. Our focus is local, which our definition is Grown in Washington!

We carry a variety of groceries: dairy, handmade pies, meats, cheeses, wines, snacks, local honey, etc. We work with other local farmers and local producers to come up with a selection of local products, such as Fresh Pasta from Lynnwood, Smoked Meats from Olympia, cheeses and shortcakes from Skagit County, grass-fed beef from Arlington, wines from Eastern Washington, etc. The list is too long, so come in and take a look. We are finicky about quality to ensure you get a quality product and the plus is that you know were it is grown or made. We also carry Mother’s Day Baskets, veggie starts and other annuals in the Spring.

Carleton’s uses NO weed or insect chemicals on almost all veggies we grow. Only exceptions are pumpkins, winter squash and corn. We use Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and sustainable farming practices and are leaders in Compost research partnering with Washington State University over the past 4 years.


Since our produce is seasonal, we bring in outside produce for a complete shopping experience. We carry local berries, Yakima fruits and other local veggies (when in season). In May, outside produce comes from California and South of boarder with some early varieties from Carletons. Local harvest then starts on June. We strive for quality, affordable produce and in most cases our PRICES ARE LOWER (on average) than most grocery stores.

Click on the Harvest Calendar to print, then post on your frig. The Calendar is based on a normal year, so actual harvest dates vary due to weather. We keep a more current calendar in our store, so call us when seasons arrive.

See our Harvest Calendar

Carleton’s Veggies Grown on our Farm (Seasonal)

Beans Green beans don’t only come in green. We have them in yellow and purple too. We pick our beans only when they are young and tender.
Beets All shapes and sizes; deep red and juicy.
Pickling Cucumbers Season starts in August and goes through end September. Call for larger orders. We also have dill and peeled garlic for your canning needs.
Carrots Freshly picked, sweet and tender
Cucumbers – Slicing Cucumbers are truly a taste of summer – cool and crisp and full of water. Super for pickles. Did you know they belong to the same family as pumpkin, squashes, and watermelon?
Corn Usually two to three varieties in stock: white, yellow & bi-color. Also, during October we have ornamental varieties and giant corn stalks.
Lettuce Big heads of leafy lettuce in green and purple. We have leaf, bibb, and romaine varieties.
Kale Dark leaf variety. Use in salads, stir-fry or juicing.
Kohlrabi Wonderful mellow taste similar to broccoli stocks. It’s not a root vegetable, but a vegetable with a round bulb type stem that grows above ground. Great steamed or eat fresh. Flavor is mild, sweet, turnip-like.
English Peas Sweet English Pod Peas. Sweet and tender.
Pumpkins Pumpkins and gourds galore. Both u-pick and we-pick. See our Pumpkin page for October information.
Squash Summer varieties: assortment of tender squashes excellent for steaming, sauté and casseroles.
Winter varieties — usually we have about eight different varieties to suit all tastes. Be adventurous – try a few different ones!
Tomatoes Grown in our hot house, well sell them in both red and green. Usually available through late summer.
Zucchini Both green and yellow varieties are available.

Canning orders

Call us early for Canning and Pickling Large Orders! We take large canning and pickling orders on Fruits and Carleton’s veggies. Carleton’s veggies are hand picked and sorted to ensure freshness and quality. Please call our Market to be added to our Order List 425.334.2297